Wayne Nolan

I’ve been in real estate, in one form or another, for most of my working life, around 30 years. My experiential learning started with my first house purchase in my early 20’s, after that I continued with my hands on approach by being an owner/builder and then a developer.

Private funding is really just a natural extension, the natural next step for me in working with property and helping other people with the funding to see their projects through to completion.

Working with both Ray White and Baillieu Knight Frank on the Gold Coast back in the day, gave me solid first hand knowledge of the industry and a good understanding of valuations and how to put projects together for a good return on investment. At one point I was specialising in industrial and commercial property only, which gave me a whole new level of insight.

Being a licensed real estate agent in the mortgage broking business is definitely a big advantage for my broking and individual clients.

Having that foundational understanding of the intricacies of buying and selling property in any market is very helpful in this business. Whether the market is booming or slow and stagnant, means I can draw on my own knowledge and experience to tailor a solution to suit the circumstances.

With my depth of understanding of the real estate market I am usually able to ascertain the value of a property without the client having to pay the added cost of a registered valuation, which is both costly and most times, unnecessary.

There are many expenses that go along with buying property so saving the client money allows them to work with that in their own way, it is usually an unexpected positive bonus.

What I do is very much relationship based so when brokers come back to us for repeat business after the first successful experience, it is really satisfying, it enables us to learn a little more about their particular broking operations.

The importance of building good relationships cannot be overstated, we like to base our business relationships on mutual respect, lending money is definitely a people business, it’s personal.

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