Where do you go when the banks say NO?

Looking For Private Short Term Finance? 1st Mortgage Loans from $20,000 to $1M  Need approval fast? Funds advanced within 24 hours once approved

Are you a Broker? We have the right Finance for your clients

Deal Direct with the Decision Maker

It’s no secret that banks are cracking down on lending money, making it more difficult to secure finance for property and business opportunities.

Secured private loans are an alternative to the mainstream loan marketplace and are the preferred lenders for mortgage brokers. We know that speed is of the essence when it comes to servicing the financing needs of your clients which is why we keep the whole process simple from start to finish.

Dealing directly with the decision maker means quick and easy processing, a very simple solution for those times when the banks decline your application or where providing details of your clients’ financials is a problem.

Private Short Term Finance

Being a private lending business we can structure equity loans to suit your clients’ unique, individual circumstances, we even have the ability to arrange immediate loans when speed is a factor for your situation.

We can provide equity loans of up to 70% loan to value ratio (LVR) of the appraised value of the property and finance can be arranged and settled within a week.

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Equity Loans of up to 70% loan to value ratio
0 Days
Loans Arranged and settled in a week

Private short term finance with competitive rates for:

1st & 2nd mortgage

equity you have in your home can be used as security against another loan.

Bridging finance

a loan provided to serve as a bridge to buy a new property while waiting for current property to be sold

Working capital

finance to keep your business, company or organisation operating while keeping cash flow liquid.

Short term mortgage

a loan to be paid back within a short period of time

Private mortgage

a property loan provided by an individual person

Business opportunities

those great breaks that sometimes come your way.

Investment openings

launches or offerings that make economic sense.

Asset Based Loans

All our loans are asset based, we use bricks and mortar as security, eliminating the need for complex financial documentation. Non-bank finance is perfect for when your clients’ situation doesn’t quite fit in with the criteria required for banks and standard lenders.

The right finance for your clients... it's our core business

Going straight to the source

Going straight to the source means effectively cutting out the middle man plus loads of confusing and time consuming red tape which is regulation when applying for loans through traditional creditors. Private loans are an intelligent, efficient and discreet way of borrowing money, our process is less formal and more relationship based. Our clients love that we are a business where they can deal directly with us personally rather than being just another number or nameless face, which is so often the case when borrowing from banks. Helping brokers with the right finance for their clients to take the next steps is our core business.
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